The Game Changer in Modular Space Solutions – Linked Equipment

Founded with a focus on innovation, Linked Equipment is the leading solution provider for customizable modular spaces. Leveraging a unique blend of craftsmanship and technology in modular office construction, the company delivers unparalleled service quality and efficiency.

From experiential shipping container homes to fully equipped shipping container kitchens, Linked Equipment’s vision is to offer functional, cost-effective, and sustainable space solutions. Their turnkey offerings reflect unparalleled craftsmanship, durability, and flexibility that meet diverse clients’ needs in the residential, commercial, or industrial sectors.

Embracing a future-forward vision, Linked Equipment optimizes space and layout design, guaranteeing energy efficiency and sustainability. Through seamless process from ideation to delivery, they are setting the pace in modular construction, redefining the contours of the industry. Beyond construction, Linked Equipment provides comprehensive aftersales support, ensuring every installation continues to deliver on its promise of outstanding functionality.

With Linked Equipment, customers get the liberty to dream big while cost-effectively turning their space needs into reality, all while contributing to a sustainable future. Experience the transformative power of modular space solutions with Linked Equipment today.