Experience Year-Round Comfort in Florida with Expert HVAC Services

There are times when the Florida heat feels like a blanket that’s too heavy to lift. But, with Bay Area Air Conditioning, overcoming these uncomfortable moments becomes an easier task. Our services range from AC repair to HVAC service, Central Air Installation, and furnace maintenance.

Feeling the heat in Port Richey or chilled in New Port Richey? Our technicians are ready to step in, ensuring your home’s air conditioning system performs at its best. Experiencing some frosty moments in Holiday or finding the heat too much to bear in Jasmine Estates? Our team are your go-to experts for central air installation and furnace maintenance.

No matter where you live, from Elfers to Homosassa Springs, you can rest assured that we’re at your service. We provide extensive air conditioning service that caters to your needs and budget. Our A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau reflects our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Stay cool, or warm, with Bay Area Air Conditioning. Discover the difference expert HVAC service can make to your home’s comfort. Reach out to us today, and let us carry the heat for you.