The Chronicles of the Heroic AC Repair in Chicagoland!

Summer’s arrived with a bang in Chicago, IL & Buffalo Grove, IL and Mother Nature is blasting the heat button. How are you combating the sizzling temperatures? If it’s with your noble AC unit, just imagine it donning a superhero cape, bracing the heatwave, and cooling your home to blissful temperatures. But what if your AC hero experiences a kryptonite moment?

AC-DC (AC Distress Call)

If your AC shows signs of distress, fear not! Our squad is there to answer every AC distress call from Round Lake, IL to Lake Zurich, IL. Whether it’s an AC repair near me situation, or expired coolant—one call can rescue you from the scorching heat. “Green Air Care” isn’t just our name, it’s our mission statement.

At Naperville, IL, we don’t just repair. We believe in maintenance being the spinach to your AC’s Popeye muscles. We prevent minor issues from bulking into major problems that require a total system overhaul.

HVACs and Peace of Mind

In Schaumburg, IL, we are the guardians of indoor comfort, providing top-notch AC installation & HVAC service. We make transitioning from old system to a shiny new one, as smooth as a cold breeze on a hot, sunny afternoon. Count on us to keep you cool this blistering summer.