Your Fun Guide To Neighborhood Activities Near Blue Collar Roofers

No doubt, when you’re hiring the professionals at Blue Collar Roofers for your roofing and siding needs, you know you’re getting the best in Cicero, Syracuse, and beyond. But what else can you do in these vibrant New York locales while your residential roofing or siding replacement is underway? Let’s explore the leisure side of these cities!

Enjoy Nature in Cicero, NY

Should you find yourself in Cicero while your siding installation is being taken care of, make sure you explore the breathtaking locale. For nature enthusiasts, you can’t miss the popular Oneida Shores Park. Sink your toes into the sandy beach, enjoy a picnic or give boating a whirl amidst the picturesque surroundings of Oneida Lake.

Historic Walk through Syracuse, NY

Syracuse offers an array of historical hotspots to keep you engaged while your roofing is being redone. Take a stroll through the stunning Syracuse University campus or immerse yourself in the local history at the Erie Canal Museum.

Family Time in North Syracuse, NY

If our roofing contractors are at your North Syracuse home, seize the day and have family fun at Rosamond Gifford Zoo. With everything from penguins to elephants, it’s a fun-filled day for the entire family.

Art and Culture in Baldwinsville, NY

While the Blue Collar Roofers team is hard at work in Baldwinsville, why not immerse yourself in some local culture? The Baldwinsville Theatre Guild often has performances that are sure to impress!

Water Sports in Marcellus, NY

In Marcellus, let our roofing specialists handle your project while you make a splash at the Marcellus Olde Home Days – a local event that includes a fishing game, duck race and more!

Shopping Time in Liverpool, NY

Last but not least, while your roofing or siding replacement is being managed in Liverpool, enjoy some retail therapy at the Destiny USA shopping complex – Central New York’s largest shopping center offering everything from high-end boutiques to entertainment venues.

In conclusion, partnering with Blue Collar Roofers doesn’t just mean quality residential roofing or siding replacement; it also gives you the chance to explore the beauty and attractions of these New York towns. So let’s get started on your home project and your local adventure!