Battle of the Season: Heater versus Air Conditioner

In the red corner, weighing a couple hundred pounds, the fiery champion from Longmont, Colorado, the hero of winter—the Furnace! And in the blue corner, hovering with a cool demeanor, from Lafayette, Colorado, with its icy blast ready to freeze the summer heat—the AC Unit!

Who Heats the Ring?

Their battleground: your home! While Furnace flexes its heat muscles as temperature drops, bravely battling the icy chills, keeping your Longmont home cozy and warm, it occasionally requires a pit stop. When its performance stutters, Welzig Heating & Air flies to the rescue, patching it up with expert furnace repair, ensuring Furnace is ready to deliver a KO to wintry cold!

Who Beats the Heat?

On the sunnier side of the year, the AC unit from Lafayette jumps into the ring. With its trusty sidekick Welzig Heating & Air, it dives into action, keeping your domicile refreshingly cool. But battles wear out even the toughest AC units. Be it a simple tune-up or a full round of repair, Welzig’s AC repair services ensures our chilling hero is all set to dodge summer’s scorching hooks!

With Welzig Heating & Air in their corner, the weather doesn’t stand a chance!