Contemporary Trends in Roofing brought to you by Brothers Roofing and Construction

Brothers Roofing and Construction, an established industry leader in Columbus, OH, is constantly embracing new trends while staying true to our commitment to using the highest-quality materials and applying superior workmanship. As such, our team of roofing experts is always keeping up to date with the hottest trends and revolutionary applications in the roofing industry.

The Rise of Energy-Efficient Roofing

One major trend that our roofing experts have noticed is the rise of energy-efficient roofing. More customers are seeking out materials that not only provide excellent protection against the elements, but also help to reduce energy usage and cut costs. These types of products, such as cool roofs, are designed to reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat, leading to significant energy savings. Find out more about energy-efficient roofing options we offer here at Brothers Roofing and Construction.

Metal Roofing Gains Popularity

Another trend that is taking Columbus, OH by storm is the increased use of metal for roofing applications. Previously, metal roofs were typically only found on commercial or industrial buildings. However, new design options have made them a popular choice for residential properties too. Metal roofs are incredibly durable, require minimal maintenance, and have a proven lifespan of 50 years or even more. Besides, they are also an excellent choice for homeowners who are looking for environmentally friendly roofing solutions.

Whether you’re upgrading your existing roof or starting a new construction project, trust the experts at Brothers Roofing and Construction to provide you with the latest and greatest in roofing solutions. When it comes to roofing experts in Columbus, OH, look no further than our dedicated, experienced team.